Questions about WordPress (Blog)

Cwebpro does almost all of our Blog Web Design and Development using WordPress. We have tried many different “brands” of Blogging software (B2Evolution, WordPress, and many others).  In the end we have found WordPress to offer more to the end user than any of its competitors. 

Why Do We Prefer it over other Blog Systems?

  • There are hundreds of free plugin and extensions for WordPress. You can pretty much get a WordPress Blog to do anything you want. You can blog, sell merchandise, have photo-galleries… and more!  It is possible to develop a full dynamic website around WordPress.
  • Styles and Themes: There are also literally hundreds of free styles and themes so you can have the basic “look” you want for your site.  We have significant experience taking these basic styles and developing a very personalized theme to match your needs.
  • Besides being easy to customize, there is also a large and thriving community/forum to ask questions if we do get stuck.
  • WordPress is free!  There is no charge to purchase the actual software!
  • WordPress is the most widely used Blog software for stand-alone installations in the world – you don’t have to worry about them going out of business and losing your data!
  • Wonderful SEO/SEF built in and as add-ons. It is very easy to turn on “friendly” urls/links in WordPress. There are also great add-ins to make your search engine results really improve. If no one can find your website using a search engine, what good does having a website do you?

Who do we recommend WordPress for?

  • If you want a blog to update your clients.
  • If you want to customize a web site that is easy to update, add new content, and is under say 40 pages or so… WordPress is the ticket. If you are looking towards a site being larger 50 to 10,000 pages or so, Joomla is better at organizing the content.

So Our recommendation is:

  1. For a site that is not going to be updated frequently, and that is easy to maintain, a regular “html” site is best.
  2. For a small to medium site that is updated frequently, Wordpess is great.
  3. For a large site that will be updated frequently and that has a variety of categories, Joomla is our recommendation.

If you have any questions about what we would recommend for your situation, contact us and we’ll let you know our recommendation.