Questions on the Web Design Process

How Long Will It Take to Finish My Website?

How long it takes to finish your site depends upon several factors including: how long it takes you to get the content to use that we need (company information, etc. that you want on the site), the size of the site, and the amount of programming and database interactivity required. Normally once you have provided the content we need for the site, we can finish the site in less than one week (Normally within 3 to 4 days). Time would then be needed for revisions and touching-up the website. 

How Much Will it Cost?

The cost to develop your website is dependant upon many factors including: how many pages are needed, the design you desire, database or programming needs, interactive elements desired. While a few others may match our price, few design sites that are as easy to update and make changes too as quickly as ours. In the long run… you save money! 

What are The Payment Arrangements?

Cwebpro uses the web industrious standard payment guidelines:
— 50% of the web development costs are to be paid up front.
— Domain Name and Web Hosting are also paid for up front.
— The Final 50% of the web development costs is paid for when the site is complete, has been okayed by the customer, and is ready for uploading.

What About Email?

There are a variety of options available for setting up business or company email service.

For several years now we have helped our customers to set up free “Google Apps” accounts with Google. There are many benefits to a Google Apps acount (similar to a Gmail account except you are able to use your own domain name: instead of

  • You can save permanent copies of your emails on the server (if you delete an email by accident from your the email program on your computer, you can retrieve a copy from the Google Apps Server).
  • You can use your normal email program with Google Apps or Gmail (such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Outlook Express, etc.)
  • Very Stable: Google has several email servers available, so if one has a ‘problem’ you can still receive your email.
  • Excellent spam filter.
  • Free!

Because I know your email’s are vital to the success of your business, I also highly recommend that you frequently backup your Google Apps (or Gmail) account. To backup all of your accounts I recommend a product called “Gmail Keeper.” Gmail Keeper allows you to schedule automatic backups of your Gmail or Google Apps account. While backing up your account(s) can be done manually, it is easy to forget to make backups. Gmail Keeper will help to ensure that you are always able to save and retrieve your emails regardless of any issues that might occur on Googles servers.

Gmail Keeper will also allow you to consolidate your Gmail and Google Apps accounts. The software is excellent and so is the price… and comfort it provides!