Website Design

Cwebpro has  dozens of different designs and examples for you to look at for ideas.

Once you have an basic idea of what you “generally want your site to look like (two columns, 3 columns, a mixture, etc.) Cwebpro will customize it to give you a unique business website.

Be sure to check out the Portfolio Albums. We will make which ever basic design you like specific and unique to your business and needs. Our designs use “CSS” so that changes can be quickly applied to all the pages in the website.  Below are five “live” sites as examples.

Here Are a Few of Our Designs…

Hastings Web Design, Web Development - Fairfield Chess Club

The Akron Chess Club…

The Akron Chess Club includes interactive chess games, flash video’s, contact forms, and other interactive elements.

One important addition: the web page has programming (.php) that automatically “pulls” the next 12 days events from a database and places it on the home page. The club director only has to enter new events into the easy to use calendar (on the calendar page) and the events are pulled/placed into the home page without any intervention or programming skills need by those who update the site.

Stop by the ACC Chess Club site and play a game of chess against the live computer chess game on the site!

Web Design an Development at Broadman Church

Broadman Church…

The Broadman Baptist Church website is a completely “dynamic” website based upon the “Joomla” content management system. This allows the Pastor and Secretary to easily update any page in the site (without having to have any special skills). The site can be easily updated, and the information on each page is kept in a database. We also added programming to pull all the events from the calendars database and place the events in the left column… once again making it very easy to keep event listings up to date. Website visitors can easily add their prayer requests to the site… There are many option and extras in this site!

Cwebpro Nebraska Web Design and Development at ConejoFest


The ConejoFest 2006 website is a fluid design (it adjusts to the size of the website visitors web browser). The site also incorporates a unique photo gallery, pop-up images, in an easy to update design. The site was recently upgraded from a fixed, hard to update design to be more accessible and user friendly. Yet some of the basic graphics in the banner were kept to help visitors transition to the new site. Work on the site is ongoing as more content is sent for updating the site to Cwebpro.

Nebraska Webdesign for The Roberts Conservatory of Dance.

The Roberts Conservatory of Dance…

The Roberts Conservatory of Dance is a small, basic site for a local dance studio. It does contain a nice Flash movie to help add some extra movement and action to the home page.

Cwebpro is able to design the company logos, banners, and other graphics you need for your website. Whether you need animations, flash videos, php programming, database development or updating an old site, Cwebpro can exceed your needs with a quality design and competitive price.

Birdie Family uses php, and other dynamic programming.

Birdie Family … uses several “dynamic” elements. First, .php (server side programming language) is used to change the picture displayed in the left column with each visit to the site. Javascript is used to enter phrases such as “good evening” depending upon the time of the day. While this site is a “personal” site and not strictly a business site, the dynamic elements on the page make the site more interesting to visit. More variety means more visits to your web page.

Which design is the best? There are positives and negatives to different website designs depending upon the purpose and function of the intended website.

Some web designs are “flexible:” meaning that the web page will expand or contract depending upon the settings of the web visitors browsers.  Others, such as this site, are “fixed” in that they stay the same size regardless of the web visitors browser or computer settings. Cwebpro uses both varieties (and a few that are sort of a mixture of the two).