Easy Data and Content Management

Do you want an interactive website?

Many web business would like to have interactive web applications: forums, photo-gallery’s, shopping carts and other applications. Cwebpro has installed, customized, and worked with all of these.

We have also used various CMS systems (like Joomla) that will allow the website owner to quickly and efficiently update content on the website… all without any web programming or development knowledge (if you can use a word processor like wordperfect or Microsoft Word… you can do it!). This can save the business money since they do not have to pay a web designer to update content on their website.

Another web application that can be helpful is a forum. A forum can enable you to provide help and information to your website visitors without them having to call you for every problem. This can save your employees time and allow them to be more productive in other areas.

Online shopping carts allow website visitors to purchase your products. There are many different shopping carts that can be purchased, as well as several excellent shopping cart applications that are “open source” (free!) that can be customized to me your specific needs.

Do You need a website that has a lot of dynamic variety, rotating pictures, secure login pages, database interactivity, and other elements?

Cwebpro can design, develop and customize, a wide variety of “Dynamic” elements for your web site. This could include such items as: Forums, Content Management Systems, shopping carts, and other database enabled applications.

We have experience developing using MySQL and Microsoft Access databases. You will notice if you check out some of the sites Cwebpro has developed some of these “dynamic” elements. The ACC and Broadman websites for instance both have custom programming that enables events from a Mysql database to be placed directly into the sites home page… without the website owner having to do it “by hand.”.

We also can provide custom entry/login pages for password protected portions of your website as well as almost anything else you may desire.

Other Web Design Benefits of Dynamic Web Sites?

Dynamic websites using a CMS system are easy to update and add fresh content to the site. The Broadman Website for instance can be updated by anyone with a basic word processor level of knowledge. Once logged in, they can easily update the content, add photo’s to the page, and delete content without paying for someone else to update the site. While a dynamic database driven web site may take longer (and cost more) initially to set up, for a web site with lots of material, products, etc., you will save money in the long run.