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- Professional Certifications

- Experience:
  * 9 Years Experience
  * Online E-commerce
  * Online Advertizing
  * Web Hosting
  * Joomla Development
  * Wordpress Design


- Education: an M.S. in Information Technology

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Website Development Experience

Certifications and Education are important. They are only part of what leads to an outstanding web designer and developer. Matthew has several years of hands on experience building business and non-profit organizations.


Experience working with web technologies helps to refine and develop a web designer. This "hands on education" will help the web designer learn to develop a higher quality product in a shorter period of time.

During website development there are often problems or issues that crop up. Experience will help a web designer to find and fix the problem quickly (saving time and money!). Experience combined with education will also help the web professional to prevent problems from happening in the first place.

Web and Database Applications

Matthew has worked with and customized a wide variety of web applications including: Forums (SMS and phpBB), Photo-Galleries (Coppermine and others), PHP forms, CMS (Content Management Systems like Joomla), and many others. He also has experience developing database applications using MSSQL (Microsoft SQL Server), Microsoft Access, and MySQL (Open source database).

Networking, Security, and Repair

MatthewNetworking, Security, and Repair has worked with a variety of Cisco Routers and Switches. He has designed both wired and wireless networks with a variety of cost effective equipment. Matthew also has significant experience ensuring that small business's have a safe and secure network either with a cental server, or without. Last, but not least, he is also experienced in PC repair, updgrading, and optimization as well as recovering from Viral and Malware PC infections.

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Matthew has the experience, certifications (more than 8), and broad formal education (M.S. in I.T.)


Here at Cwebpro we strive to make our sites usable by the widest range of customers possible. We also strive to meet accessibility guidelines, design sites that will save you money by being easily updated, and have really nice visual appeal.


Cwebpro is located in Fairfield Nebraska: close to Glenvil, Grand Island, Hastings, and Sutton.

Content Management System

Database and Joomla Design and Development What is a Content Management System? A "CMS"  system is used to manage the content of websites. It allows for easy and quick updating.

Wordpress Blog or CMS

Wordpress as a Blogging or Content Management SystemMany companies now have a blog on their website. Blogs provide an excellent way for Companies to share news, and events in a more personal and and interesting manner.

Graphic and Flash Design

Graphic and Flash DesignCwebpro can design attractive Graphics and Logo's to add  sparkle to your website. We can also perform a variety of special affects with Photoshop and other Image programs.