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- Professional Certifications

- Experience:
  * 9 Years Experience
  * Online E-commerce
  * Online Advertizing
  * Web Hosting
  * Joomla Development
  * Wordpress Design


- Education: an M.S. in Information Technology

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Web Design Programming

Cwebpro can meet your business website programming needs.

The Developers at Cwebpro are experienced in using Coldfusion, PHP, .CGI, Javascript, HTML, XHTML, Flash, Databases, and server side includes.

We also can program any database connectivity and development you may need.

PHP (computer code that is run on a server) and MySql (databases) are found on the majority of web servers on the internet.

We also can program and customize a wide variety of Javascript functionality into your website.. Some can be as simple as a message to the website visitor that mentions the time of day:

Other examples of Javascript uses include: validating the information that is going to be submitted in a form (check out our contact page... it checks to see if you have used a proper email address for instance). Another example is the email address used on this site. Many times "spam bots" will check a website looking for email addresses. Any that are found are added to their spam list. We use Javascript so that "spam bots" cannot figure out our email address. The less spam your business receives, the more time you have for the important aspects of running your business!

Programming  using computer "languages" such as php, and javascript while developing a website, can often take a significant amount of time.  The results though can help to make a website more interactive, engaging, and just plain "fun" for visitors to your web site. The more interesting a website is, the more likely a potential customer is to stay on your site... and to revisit in the future. Web development programming can often be completed sooner by customizing some of the very high quality php and javascript code (script) that is available for downloading from the internet or by purchasing from reputable companies. Cwebpro makes use of several  very high quality web development programs that can make the web design and development process quicker and more cost efficient.

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Matthew has the experience, certifications (more than 8), and broad formal education (M.S. in I.T.)


Here at Cwebpro we strive to make our sites usable by the widest range of customers possible. We also strive to meet accessibility guidelines, design sites that will save you money by being easily updated, and have really nice visual appeal.


Cwebpro is located in Fairfield Nebraska: close to Glenvil, Grand Island, Hastings, and Sutton.

Content Management System

Database and Joomla Design and Development What is a Content Management System? A "CMS"  system is used to manage the content of websites. It allows for easy and quick updating.

Wordpress Blog or CMS

Wordpress as a Blogging or Content Management SystemMany companies now have a blog on their website. Blogs provide an excellent way for Companies to share news, and events in a more personal and and interesting manner.

Graphic and Flash Design

Graphic and Flash DesignCwebpro can design attractive Graphics and Logo's to add  sparkle to your website. We can also perform a variety of special affects with Photoshop and other Image programs.