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The New Dreamweaver is Here

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Hello Web Pros!

The Dreamweaver team has been hard at work to bring you the latest release of Dreamweaver CC 2014, available for you to download right now.

So fresh, so clean  check out the new Dreamweaver interface

We’ve been keeping busy with this release for over a year, and as a result this is no ordinary update. This release contains groundbreaking functionality for taking your Photoshop documents to the web, new innovations in Live View, code improvements, and has been re-architected as a native 64-bit app for improved performance and stability.

New feature summary
Download now

What you’ll find in this release:

PSD Support with Extract


You can now browse and view your Photoshop documents stored in Creative Cloud directly within Dreamweaver, letting you rapidly take your designs to code. Yes, that’s right, you can open a fully layered PSD in Dreamweaver. When a PSD is loaded, you can extract CSS, colors, gradients, fonts, measurements and web-optimized images from your Photoshop layers when building your web projects. This will let you preserve the integrity of the design when bringing it to code, and takes the guesswork out of how that PSD will translate to web. No need to wait for a designer to send you a style guide or redline specs anymore!

Getting CSS and Images

When a PSD is loaded in Dreamweaver, you can fully inspect the CSS pulled from Photoshop layers. When you select a layer, you’ll see all the CSS associated with that selection. This is useful for grabbing colors, gradients, border-radius, font styles and more when building the front-end of your website. It’s kind of like Web Inspector for a PSD.

You can also code hint directly into a PSD, giving you full control as you write styles. When writing CSS, contextual code hints are pulled right from your Photoshop layers, expediting the time it takes to go from comp to code.

This is just a snapshot of what you can do, to view a full tutorial of how to use PSDs in Dreamweaver click here. We’ve also included a sample PSD for you to try out within the Extract panel.

Live View


This release is a significant milestone for the preview surface in Dreamweaver. You might be familiar with the Netscape 4 view-of-the-world you get with Design View, and in this release we’ve put Live View front and center so you can preview your website as you build it, with everything rendering in HTML5. Live View is now the default viewing surface, but you can go back to Design View if you need it.

There’s now more editing features for previewing those quick edits as you build your site. This’ll save you all those trips to the browser just to check small changes.

Live Guides

Use Live Guides to directly select elements to rearrange on your site. When you make a selection in Live View, the tag and everything nested with it gets selected; you can drag this around on your page to rearrange, hold while dragging to bring up the Element Quick View for precise DOM insertion, or use as a visual reference in code for bulk selections.

Live Refresh

All of your code gets updated for preview in real time as you build your website – no refreshing, and you can save the browser preview for when you need to make a serious review.

Quick Access to CSS

This is a simple addition which will make your life easier when writing CSS. When you select an element in Live View, you can see all the selectors applied to that element. Right click and select “Go to Code”; this will take you to the exact selector in your CSS file, saving you from having to fight with debugging tools to find what style is applied where.

(Hint: you can paste copied styles from a PSD here too!)

The (not so) Little Things

The little things make a big difference in the way you work. There’s more incremental improvements you’ll find in this release:

Code theming

You can now change the color of your code editor. Choose from a list of themes, customize to make your own and take them with you between machines when synced to Creative Cloud.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Use Cmd/Ctrl + [ / ] keys to easily traverse between parent and child elements. See the selections in Live View or use a way to quickly navigate code.

Starter Templates

If you don’t want to start with a blank page, you can choose between five responsive templates ready for you to customize and style.

This is just a sample of what you’ll find. Check out the new features summary to learn more about all the updates, or some of our new tutorials. If you’re working with PSDs and the web, or are still on an older version of Dreamweaver like CS6, this release is for you! Below are a few resources for you to get started.

Download now
New features summary
Community forums

Thanks for your support!
The Dreamweaver Team

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Over the last year, we’ve made a lot of improvements to Dreamweaver to make it easier for you to see edits in real-time without going to your browser, produce standards compliant code, and complete tasks more quickly in the streamlined user interface. We’ve also made substantial improvements to the underlying architecture of Dreamweaver to help you work more efficiently.

In our next release of Dreamweaver we will take another big step towards modernization by moving to a native 64-bit architecture. The next version of Dreamweaver will only be supported on 64-bit Macs aligning with Apple’s decision to require 64-bit hardware with the release of OS X 10.7 (Lion). Mac and 64-bit Windows users will enjoy newfound responsiveness, stability and performance, as Dreamweaver CC will begin to take full advantage of better memory addressability inherent with modern hardware and operating systems. On Windows, both 32 and 64-bit processors will be supported (Windows 7 and higher).

As a result of this architectural change, the new installation experience will be different than in the past:

  • Installing the next version of Dreamweaver CC will replace your installation of the June 2014 release. If you wish to continue using the June 2014 release, you will be able to download and reinstall it separately.
  • If you are using third-party extensions, they will need to be reinstalled. We expect a very small number of these extensions to be incompatible with the next version of Dreamweaver CC and require reinstallation. We have been working with extension developers, to help ensure a smooth transition to 64-bit support and expect the transition to go smoothly.

The next version of Dreamweaver CC will take a giant leap into the future, and having a 64-bit computer will ensure you’ll be able to have the best experience possible. Be sure to watch the live stream of Adobe’s MAX keynote to see what else is coming for Dreamweaver.

The Dreamweaver Team

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NEW Dreamweaver CC 2014 Tutorials

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Get to know the new features in Dreamweaver CC 2014 with the help of a whole bunch of recently published tutorials. From managing your websites to ensuring HTML5-compliancy, we’ve got a round-up of the latest learning materials available below.

Learn how to…

Use Live Highlight, modernized Live View and CSS Designer

Get a rundown on new features including how to edit and preview web pages with new Live View features in this Dreamweaver CC video tutorial.


Develop responsive and mobile sites

Take the next step in web design and learn how to create fully responsive site and mobile apps that play well with all screen sizes in this Dreamweaver CC video tutorial.


Use Code View to edit your web designs

Learn how to design web pages using the tools in Dreamweaver CC that are made for writing and managing code in this video tutorial.


Publish and manage your websites

Get up and running! Learn how to publish and manage your websites by following along with this Dreamweaver CC video tutorial.


Enhance typography in your web designs

Make your designs bold. Get the rundown on how to add unique typography to your projects using Edge Web Fonts and Typekit integration in this Dreamweaver CC video tutorial.


Test and preview your work in Dreamweaver

Ensure you’ve got it right. Get acquainted with the different ways you can test and preview your work in this Dreamweaver CC video tutorial.


Edit CSS properties visually

Learn how to leverage the visual CSS Designer Panel in Dreamweaver to control the look of your HTML content in this Dreamweaver CC video tutorial.


Create HTML5-compliant pages

Use the visual tools in Dreamwevaer CC to add HTML content that jives well in a variety of browsers in this video tutorial.


Navigate Dreamweaver’s user interface to work faster

Find your way around Dreamweaver CC. Get to know the different panels, menu options, and editing views you can use to create web pages in this video tutorial.


Looking for more?

You can find a whole lot more Dreamweaver CC learning content on Adobe Learn & Support center. Stay up-to-date on the latest tutorials by following us on Twitter @Dreamweaver or give us a ‘Like’ on Facebook! Happy coding!

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Be Part of the Story!

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Dreamweaver + You = Great stories

We’re working hard to get the word out about the stories behind the great work our users are doing with Dreamweaver CC and we’re hoping you can help.

If you’ve recently created a website or app with Dreamweaver CC that you think is worth recognition, let us know. We’d like to help share with the world the great work you’ve done to inspire others to do the same.

So, how can I get involved?

It’s quite simple. All you need to do is complete a form and we’ll be in touch to bring your story to life.

What’s in it for me?

The stories which we publish will receive public recognition by way of promotion on Adobe social channels, and a special thank you will be sent to you in the mail. Not to mention, it’s likely that this new found attention to your work will result in an uptick in traffic. We’d call this one a win-win. Agree? Then get started by completing this simple form to be part of the story!

We can’t wait to see your innovative work and help give it the attention it deserves with exposure to millions of our fans and followers.


Tareq Aljaber

Product Marketing Manager

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Today we’re excited to announce the 2014 release of Dreamweaver CC! This latest version will improve your productivity and streamline your web design process, making it quicker for you to build and edit your web and mobile projects.

Can’t wait to get your hands on it? Download Dreamweaver CC now.

Here’s what you’ll find in this release:

New Live View editing

This update adds new editing features within Live View, which was upgraded to use a brand new rendering engine last August. You can now visually edit your page and preview changes without switching between display modes and constantly refreshing.


Need to change an image? Click on it and swap it out. Need to edit text? Change it without having to scrub through your markup. With Element Display, you have quick access to CSS selectors, tag information, image editing properties and text editing and formatting, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time with development tools to decipher how and where CSS properties are applied. Now, you can click on HTML elements inside of Live View and immediately see the element tag, applied CSS selectors, so you can quickly add or delete selectors found in your stylesheets. You now also have access to the CSS Designer, Insert Panel, Properties Inspector and other panels to quickly build and edit your page within Live View. Learn more about how to use Live View features here.

Element Quick View

Navigating HTML markup can be tedious since all your tags get lost between the content that fills your page. With the Element Quick View you get access to a display list of all the elements within your DOM (kind of like an elements panel for HTML) without having to sift through the noise of additional markup. Inside of this view you can view applied CSS selectors and rearrange, duplicate or delete elements. Your selection is also highlighted in both Code and Live views to see where the element lives on your page. Learn more about how to use the Element Quick View here.


Copy/Paste CSS

Copy > paste > edit is an old and cumbersome method of writing CSS that’s error prone. Now in the CSS Designer you can right click on a selector to copy all of the applied styles and paste them onto a new selector. You can filter what you copy by layout, text, border, background or animation styles and even navigate to live websites within Dreamweaver and grab styles from there. It’s the little things that add up.

There’s more you’ll find in this release, including new video tutorials to help you get started, site management certificate support and other improvements and bug fixes. See a full list of what’s new here.

Dreamweaver CC Video In-App Gallery

Grab the latest version Dreamweaver CC and see for yourself how these features work and can improve your productivity. This release was made possible by feedback from users like you – you can now provide your feedback directly within Dreamweaver CC(Help>Submit Bug/Feature Request) or through our community forums. Thank you for your continued support and help.


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From stormflows to workflows

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Without proper care, storm sewer systems can carry hazardous materials into public water supplies. That’s why the Broome-Tioga Stormwater Coalition hired Hue to design a multimedia campaign to educate residents in the Southern Tier of New York state about clean water habits.

Using Adobe Creative Cloud, the full-service agency developed a fully responsive website, print materials, and a television ad that ran during the Super Bowl for the Water From Rain campaign. To communicate about reducing pollution in stormflows, Hue relied on the integrated, streamlined workflows in Adobe Creative Cloud.

 Built with Adobe Dreamweaver CC, the website is fully responsive and displays smoothly on tablets and mobile devices. “I like to approach websites from a design perspective, rather than focusing just on technical specs,” says Peter Hoffman, web director at Hue. “Adobe Dreamweaver CC enables me to feel extremely confident in how my designs are implemented.”

Water From Rain responsive website

Water From Rain campaign

 To successfully translate his designs to multiple devices, Hoffman relied on Adobe Edge Inspect CC. By checking the website flow on different screens, he was able to make sure everyone viewing the site would have the same experience, regardless of device.

 Through his Creative Cloud membership, Hoffman also gained access to Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe Edge Reflow CC and enjoyed experimenting with the integration between the two apps. “Taking static ideas to the web can be challenging, but the integration between Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe Edge Reflow CC made it easy to generate responsive web assets,” says Hoffman.

Since the television commercial ran during the Super Bowl, visits to the campaign’s website have averaged 3 minutes, 42 seconds, with a bounce rate of only 1.8%.

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Now you can connect OneNote to over 80 other services like Email, Twitter, Craigslist, and your phone.

Introducing the OneNote Channel on IFTTT.

IFTTT is a service that lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement — if this then that.

IFTTT Recipe: Send your favorite tweets to OneNote connects twitter to onenoteIFTTT Recipe: Follow new Craigslist postings from OneNote  connects craigslist to onenote

IFTTT Recipe: Create pages in OneNote from a text message connects sms to onenoteIFTTT Recipe: Send articles from the NYT to OneNote connects the-new-york-times to onenote

Sync content across apps, archive data that’s important to you, and control the notifications you want to follow. Learn more about IFTTT and unlock new value in the products you use every day.


Get OneNote OneNote | Follow OneNote facebook twitter

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Recently Livescribe released a new version of their Livescribe+ app to send notes easily to OneNote. Now you can use pen and paper to take notes, and access that information on any device with OneNote.

The Livescribe 3 is a smartpen that connects to an iPhone or iPad to transfer handwritten notes to your mobile device. You can go into a lecture or meeting with your smartpen and a Livescribe notebook, store every note, drawing or idea, and capture everything that you might need in the future.

Writing with pen on paper is a very quick and natural way to capture information, something people have been doing for centuries. For OneNote fans, this new collaboration with Livescribe makes that information more valuable and more useful by integrating it into OneNote notebooks.


If you have a Livescribe 3 smartpen, you can get started by tapping on the Share icon inside Livescribe+. You’ll see a Send dialog with the OneNote icon – tap on that to log into OneNote with your Microsoft account. The default behavior under Send Options is to upload each page you select in Livescribe+ as an individual PNG file which will get imported directly into your OneNote notebook. You can also change it so all the pages you select will be uploaded as a PDF attachment.


Hope you enjoy this new way to write your notes down, and store and organize them in OneNote. For more How To info and to purchase a Livescribe smartpen, please visit


Get OneNote OneNote | Follow OneNote facebook twitter

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News360 is a free app for your iOS, Android or Windows device that helps you find the best stories around the web without being overwhelmed. With more than 4M users and content from over 100,000 sources, it’s a great way to keep up with the news. Over the last two months, News360 worked together with the OneNote team to enable readers to save news stories discovered in the app directly into their OneNote account.

News360 is based on the understanding that every person has a different set of nuanced and ever-changing interests. For example, take two people who are interested in technology – one is a web developer who wants to learn the latest html5 tricks and the other is a fitness enthusiast who needs the latest scoop on wearable gadgets. A single “Technology” feed wouldn’t cut it for those two, so News360 analyzes both users’ social accounts and reading habits to quickly adapt to their differing needs and give each of them a uniquely tailored newsfeed.


The same works for all of your other interests too – News360 creates a single “Home” feed that aggregates all the content you like, from politics and technology to sports and hobbies, so that you don’t have to jump between different sources and topics, and the more you use it – the smarter it gets.

With the new update, it is now super-easy to save the great content you find in News360 to OneNote to read later on another device, or for future reference. Just tap share in any of the News360 mobile apps, and select OneNote – this will export the full article into your OneNote Quick Notes section.

Download News360 for your device or try it out on the web at


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Steve Feldstein is the Director of Laser and Scanner Products at Brother International.

AWS-1500 ScannerBrother International Corporation recently updated their ADS-1500W Wireless Enabled Compact Scanner to support direct scanning to OneNote, which can help virtually everyone in your office convert paper documents into electronic files and make them available for online sharing and collaboration. Once scanned into OneNote, files can be organized in notebooks and conveniently accessed by authorized users through Windows, Windows Phone devices, iOS devices (iPhone and iPad), Android devices, and through a browser with OneNote Online.

Scanning documents into OneNote is an ideal way to share information between multiple branches of the same office, a mobile sales team or other professionals deployed in the field – even members of a global workforce! OneNote enables genuine collaboration by giving multiple users the ability to modify and edit documents with their notes, thoughts, pictures, tables and more. Used in conjunction with the Brother ADS-1500W, OneNote can create an open, collaborative working environment where hardcopy documents are transformed into digital files where ideas are exchanged freely, and not limited by location, time differences, or operating systems.

In addition to direct-to-OneNote scanning, the Brother ADS-1500W packs the flexibility of wireless networking, cloud connectivity, and an intuitive color touchscreen display into a compact, desk-friendly size. The ADS-1500W can also scan directly to OneDrive and SharePoint, making it an ideal compact scanner for businesses that use the Microsoft portfolio.

–Steve Feldstein


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